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Segment of You are What You Eat- a pilot for a children's music video series. Music by Glenn Tarachow and illustrations by Cassandra Boyd. Animated by Furball.
You are what you Eat

Panda is a music video created as a pilot for a TV series for children. Compositing, special effects and animation by Furball.

Van-pires was one of the first 3D animated cartoons on TV. These are segments I worked on- background and character modelling and animation.

Clip from Virtuosity, in which the
computer program of the sexy chess partner is asking to be let out of the computer and given a body. But it's a trick being played by the evil computer program guy played by Russel Crowe and chased by Denzel Washington. I did the 3D modelling and animation of the couch and some chess peices and atmosphere.

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